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Leibinger JET2SE in use at Blackman & White Print

Blackman & White Ltd. looks back on more than 30 years of experience in the section special-purpose machine engineering. Today this company is headquartered close to London is one of the most successful flatbed-cutting-machines manufacturer worldwide.

Blackman & White integrates the Leibinger JET2SE printers in various cutting machines facilities. The print head of the Ink-Jet printer is mounted directly next to the cutting edge of the plotter.

Blackman & White also integrates the Leibinger Ink-Jet printers in multi-tool systems with different cutting edges. The printers are used to imprint component- or serial numbers directly after cutting. Besides serial numbers the JET2SE can also provide complex imprints and is used to apply e.g. security advices and manufacturer logos due to it's high flexibility. High reliability and the unique nozzle seal have been the decisive arguments for Blackman & White to decide in favor of the Leibinger technology. The printers can be installed in customized facilities and offer a “ lightning start“ at the touch of a button even after longer shutdowns.