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Products in different sizes have to be marked with numerous information. There are some applications where you reach the limits of readability because print information have to be printed on very small areas that the ink drops are running into each other.

For such applications micro nozzles are neccessary. With this nozzles very small drops are built. In contrast to the standard nozzle size of 60μ, the micro nozzles with 40μ and 35μ are an adequate option for marking and coding on small areas. By the smaller drops each character can be created in smaller size.

The difference between each nozzle size by the same fonts are clearly arranged in the following print samples The difference between a 60μ nozzle and a 35μ nozzle with the same font type and font content is clearly shown in the following font samples.

With the 35 or 40μ nozzles the JET3 can also be used for printings on very small products or limited areas. The several nozzle sizes are optional available. Two black inks are currently available upon request for these nozzle sizes.