About Us

APASI Building

APASI was established August 2001 as sole distributor of Nordson Hotmelt and Finishing products from USA. By 2005, APASI expanded the product line by becoming the sole distributor of Leibinger Inkjet Printers from Germany. Since then, APASI has continuously added new products from different parts of the world, thereby expanding market and customer base in Philippines. While in search of new products, we only have one thing in mind: To represent and distribute only RELIABLE and QUALITY PROVEN PRODUCTS from Well Established Global Companies.

Today, we are sole representative of the following Global companies and products in Philippines. Nordson (USA), Leibinger (Germany), KUKA (Germany), Digital Control (Italy), Slipstop (South Korea), IFeed (Singapore), Macsa (Spain), Joneco (South Korea), LPMS (China), Gard (UK) and still growing.

Our customer and market base has expanded exponentially covering Food, Bakery and Snack Foods, Meat Processing, Beverage and Liquor, Tapes and Labels, Paper Converting, Nonwovens, Pharmaceutical, Cans and Containers, Appliance, Wires and Cables, Furniture, Construction, Automotive, Electronics, Semiconductors, and more.

APASI’s organization is comprised of professional and well experienced Management, Sales and Technical Team with a commitment to provide our customers with the best sales and technical support, as well as develop and establish the products of our suppliers in the Philippine market.

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